Sunday, August 19, 2012

Comfort Zone..

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All the way to the top..
Just be honest with yourself...
There's too much people out here looking for fame, luxury & wealth
Not enough standing up for whats right
How do some people even fall asleep night?
We all have a calling..something right just for us to do
The only problem is,many of us gets tricked,into thinking we don't have much to do
The lies grow...while the truth sinks
We sometimes fail to take a step back & wonder what our creator thinks
We lost track of what we were sent here for
Shouldn't we be trying to make life less difficult for each other?..not more
So many people I actually love & adore
If I could...I would give them my wings just to see them soar
Always more to life...don't be scared to open up that next door
Sometimes to get to the have to start from the floor..

People say I'm different...when I'm really just the same
I just use my heart more..vs how we've been trained to think with our brain
It's so obvious to just help someone whose feeling pain
We all were once that kid that no one liked...who everyone used to call names
Something in my blood..I can feel it in my veins
Because my brother Nathan,when it comes to love...feels like we've been through the exact same lane
This thing called 'Happiness' that I always talk about..always feels so hard to maintain..
But its something I want every single one of us to attain
So we must go out there & find it..nothings going to happen if we just sit & complain

These days fly I sometimes gaze into the clouds & wonder why
Why, are they trying to kill the greater good?Why do they want us to die?
If a bird is meant fly,why do we catch them,cut their wings & allow them to live a lie
So many things...we should just let be...and leave alone
The memories of 'You' & 'I'...always hit me..when I start listening to the zone
Like Neale Donald Walsch said,'Llife only the end of your comfort zone...'
It's not how Good you are,
It's how Good you want to be.
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