Sunday, May 27, 2012

Either Way...

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People like you....don't usually exist
Usually after a while of us being broken...we usually switch
Switch into the game...and switch into the lies
But you haven't done that..your heart still tries
And my heart still cries
As I start to wonder....if Love ever really dies
Maybe it does...maybe it doesn't
But I would hate to think something was dead...which really wasn't

They don't want you for you...
How sad but so true
Something about you....that I've never found before
But I want too keep you a secret like something no one has ever found before
Because if they saw what I see...they would want you too
But not the way I want you...because my heart always stays true
To seeing your smile and hearing your voice
It's obvious that you will be the perfect choice...

No love story is perfect,and that's ok
Life is a journey...and if it never least I met you along the way
Thinking about you for the most of the day
You make my feelings pour what this poem is trying to say

If I could pick you or the sun....
My world would be dark,but yet still be bright
Because a star is best seen shining...along with the darkness of the night
You said my hands are soft...well so is your face
And we've both been waiting on that special someone... to finally fill that empty space

They might not understand...and that's perfectly fine
Love has no limit..and doesn't worry about time
Having daydreams at night...if you will ever be mine
I'm ready when you are...girl just show me a sign...

Either way I still care...

Either way I'm still here...
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