Thursday, March 8, 2012

The People Nobody Could See...

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We hear only what they chose to tell how much do we really know
Actions speak louder than far what do your actions show
Too often we do nothing in fear of something
When the people at top have nearly all they wish for..while the people at the bottom own close to nothing
What's it gonna take...for humanity to finally become awake
Instead of fighting over money & spilling blood, realize we have human lives at stake
So many opportunities we can create,before its too late
It's only when your dead & people realize your great..

For a greater good,or a lesser bad
Praying for the children across the world who are forced to kill their own mom & dad
And we think we have things rough...always wondered why people have to go through certain stuff
Like a bomb in our simply goes away after a certain amount of time
Hold my hand...tell me what you really see
I's hope...for everyone...including you & me..

It doesn't cost anything to love,It doesn't cost anything to pray
Hate seems to be the easiest thing to have,but it also comes with the highest price to pay
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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"-MLKjr 
so I hope they take him away....

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