Tuesday, March 13, 2012


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Feeling like I have a fever....but I still want to write to you
Always stand on your own two feet..no matter what life puts you through
Every thing's a challenge...Every thing's a game
Some provide Love...While others supply Pain
Hard to be honest in a world filled with lies
Easy to become obsessed since love never really dies
From seeing the world just by looking into your eyes
To my heart dropping just by the sound of your cries
Future is our only hope & fear
Will we be forgotten?Will anyone even care
Love is simply a game of truth & dare
The truth is...we dare to love because sooner or later we know the end is near...

Use to think...but now I just don't know
You love with all your heart...but when its over what do you have to show
Memories you wont ever have a chance to relive again...saying goodbye to love...your such a distant friend
Escaping reality at any and all cost
Trying to follow someone else's dreams...and your bound to get lost
I will get there....and so will you
Nobody can stop you...from doing what your heart says to do
You can make it if you try,every Hello just ends at goodbye
Dreaming of a dream coming true....
Erasing all the old...in preparation for all the new...

I just want to be there when every things right
When the stars are all out and it's like the perfect night
And all our hopes & dreams seem to be plainly in sight...
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