Saturday, March 31, 2012


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Sometimes I hate being me...does that feeling ever come over you?
When you either feel alone...or that no one can possibly understand what your going through
or that no one really cares...your tired of searching for 'the one'..over all of these long & lonely years
you feel like your the only one who body else seems to share
(and all your dreams slowly drift away because of all your self doubt & fears)
The times that past...are the ones you can't get back
Every time you try to move always seem to look back
You know the right way to go...but somehow fall off track
They say life is about 10% what happens to you...the rest is just how you react..

I want you to know something...secretly,just between me & you
that I know we cant undo...all the bad things they seem to do
but you can be here for me...and I can be here for you
just us two...since most don't's up to the very few

So we wait...and wait...for that moment to finally come
The day you look in the mirror & smile of who you've become
Since you didn't let all the bad times break you
You were strong from the beginning,that's just how God made you
Now nothing can stop you...your on your way
You figured out the simply make the best out of every single day
They may doubt your abilities,but if there is a will,there's a way
awake from your dreams & press play
the future isn't you the gift of the
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