Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All I Remember..

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these people want to use you,love tries to confuse you
if I only had one pick,It's obvious I would choose you...
the days & times,when saying 'I Love You' was our favorite lines
slowly crumbling to the end...I should of seen the signs
from the outside looking into your world...I couldn't see past the blinds
but love makes you blind,and you cant get back your time
so it's either happiness or a way to get back time is something we need to find
don't know what to do or how to do it
just someone show me is love real?or is there a way to prove it..
sometimes the only way out...is to go all the way in
and most of the time all the motivation you need should really come from within
now your all I remember...in the months before December
because you were my Christmas lights,and something I will remember forever

That lonely star that nobody can see but me
the feeling of love that would fill any heart but somehow you still remain empty
some words you write but no one ever really understands or reads
the day you throw away all the dumb reasons to try to be accepted & reject social needs
a start of some problems you may never solve
wishing some people would realize where the world really does revolve
because it's not around them...
the saddest thought ......are simply..... what could of been..

Hope you can be truly happy...just follow your brain & your heart
Pay attention at the beginning so you don't have a troubled start
Because one of my greatest fears is me hearing your hearts' been left broken apart
from a guy promising you the world,but he doesn't fulfill his promise and just decides to leave his mark

The truth you seem to neglect...
The day you will soon regret...
Your all I wanted to protect...
But I can give you only what you choose to accept...

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