Friday, April 20, 2012

Trust Issues...

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To the love that got away..
You took more than my breath away..
Now I have to say..
All the things I never wanted to say..

Trust is the hardest thing to gain...
Love is the hardest thing to find..
But once they're finally broken..
You'll think about that person
all the time..

Now your always on my mind..
Everyone else told me I would get better with time..
But I lost whats mine..
The eyes to my wonder they say love is blind...

Only if I could put it all behind
Or maybe even rewind..
Maybe then I could would be fine
Where the hell do I draw the line..

Almost don't want to continue..
This feeling comes over me to much..
Every time I feel I'm moving forward..
I realized it just wasn't enough

Some one help me understand
Some one please explain
How can love feel so good
Then turn into all this pain

Looking at our pictures never again the same
Not even sure whose to blame
We both have some people we can name..
I guess we had different targets..
of what we were trying to gain...

Whatever...its almost mid night here in the UK
So I'm putting my words to sleep..
All those promises you made to yourself..
I hope that's at least something you keep..
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