Sunday, April 8, 2012


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Seems like we're playing tricks on each other...
you want one person,they want another
the feelings are rarely the same
happens so much,it's better not to name
Happiness is all your trying to obtain
But its game over already,if you forgot the rules of the game
They are pretty simple...this is kinda how they go
You can be in love with someone.but never let them know
O yeah and your true feelings..never let them show
Don't grow more attached,just go with the flow
These rules sounded pretty stupid from the start
But it seems that's the safest way to avoid a broken heart
I don't follow them of course..they are here for you
You decide if you want to play tricks...or search for a love that's true

I met this girl once...and everything was good
Then one day everything changed,I thought I must of misunderstood
What she was saying & doing..but I was right
I never thought I would be the same again after that following night
Was at a point where I couldn't even write
Then I remembered karma doesn't just bark...she also bites
Left the rest up to either way things will be alright
Everyday you waste looking back in the past wondering why
You give up a little piece of your future & let it die
Give life a chance just to play
Your days cant be that far away...

Your heartbeat is one of the most beautiful sounds
But you give your heart to all these jerks & clowns
So all your smiles slowly turn into frowns
And instead of looking up,you start to look down
Someone will pick you up from the ground...and take you there
Just admit you need help ,that's all we need to hear
I know they are really people who care
But these tricks of life has them living in fear
No more tricks...can we just get real
Love isn't meant to be a game,its how some of us really feel
If they want to keep playing games,then the tricks on them
Sooner or later thing will come around,and they would be alone in the end...

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