Sunday, April 22, 2012


whats its gonna find a place where love is real...
and where hearts never break...
where its not about what car you drive or how much money you make
I've said this before..just don't know how much one heart can take
whats the difference between love & like...
one means your everything...
and the other means your alright..
but your more than alright..
I can guarantee there is at least one person..
who dreams of being with you...every single night

Who are they?Where are they at?
That's something you need to pinpoint somewhere on
your hearts inner map..
We always want whats bad for us..even though the good is always around
We hurt the ones we love...then wonder why no one is no longer around
I've seen horrible endings...somehow turn around
But I've also seeing the people highest off lust..
Crash & Burn when they finally hit the ground
The love you can hear without even making a sound
And your his he lets you where the crown
Love starts getting abused when you use it more as a verb..
Instead of seeing it as a noun..
So please take your time and go slow..
And when its actually both should know..

Your not alone..whatever your going through
Yeah life's not fair...but we gotta start looking through a different view
Not to be selfish..but the word starts with you
I hope you look in the mirror and smile
True beauty is rare..and I haven't seen yours in a while
Before I go I just want to say one thing..
Wait until your that one person's everything..
Not just that one thing...
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