Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Question

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Who I'm I?Who are you?
We buy things to cover up whats inside
But what does that really do?
We all have a dream..a dream that sometimes we keep to our self
Since we probably expect the only person to understand it our self
Whens the last time you cried?Whens the last time you lost someone in your life?
Tears of joy versus tears of misery...the purpose of it all is to find meaning & satisfaction to this life
Left alone or still together
Life is either too short or too long
hopefully everything that happens will eventually get better
Love with your all,That's all you can do
I'm sorry to say...but the rest is not up to you..

As long as the sun rises in the day...and the moon comes up at night
There is a chance that everything wrong,will maybe turn right
If it was up to would always smile
Rainbows always appear after a rainy day,it just sometimes take a while
Hate goodbyes,but love hello's
You have two choices..hate or help someone..
that's just how it goes
Since if your not doing one..your doing the other
Lost the first friend I ever had...hope I don't ever have to lose another
Hearing my best friend shot himself,felt like I lost a brother
Went away for basic military training Aug 28,its been nearly a year since I've seen my mother
How far can I really go?Is something I want to discover..
Something you should try too
Theres a good chance...this world has no one else quite like you

Those faces,these places
all the different races,placed in different races
they make us compete,when we should really work together
Dreaming of a day where we can all smile at the same time..some say it's highly unlikely
but never say never...
If it was up to you...would you end the world tomorrow??
Before you answer..are you just thinking about yourself
or all the ones around the world with nothing but sorrow
tomorrow never comes,so would you end the world today??
the question is...with all your answers..
what are you really trying to say
A different time,A different day
The love of your life needs you to go away...
but the rest of the world needs you to stay
Questioning if life is game...
how long do you continue to play
Think,before you do...
The real question is...
Do you really have it in you?
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