Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost Another Friend

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It feels like I'm playing hide & go seek with love...
Just waiting for it to find me....
I guess first, I need to put all that old love behind me...
But once its behind me..just what should I do...
The further I travel...the closer I want to be to you
Love ends up leaving you scarred for life...who would of knew
I always lied to myself,because I wanted to believe love stories were true
But being hurt,isn't nothing new
It just gets old after 20 so years or to
Thinking how pain sometimes leads to pleasure..but pleasure always leads to pain
Looking at year books from our younger come nothing stayed the same

It's days like this where I sit in my room & wonder why..
Why did I have to leave?Why did I never get a chance to tell Kevin bye
Feels like I've even ran out of tears to cry
Hate looking in the mirror..that's when I get to see my greatest enemy..eye to eye
The truth that no one knows..or no one cares to find
They say If I lose something & it comes back to me,its meant to be mine
I lost my watch,then found it..but still can never get back the time
It's moment I think I have everything figured out..then the next I'm completely losing my entire mind

I always want you to strive for better & be all you can be
Use your brain & your heart together...those tools God gave you can come in handy
Don't get too caught up in this world,since its full of lies
And if I've done anything to hurt you...then I apologize
All the faces on facebook that I see
Most of you smile...but it's with a smile that's empty
What are you trying to prove...what are you trying to show
Everybody just wants sad to see just how far some will go

Damn, look what happened again
Seems because of love,I lost another friend
What I love is far...What I hate is near
I sometimes wonder...did you ever realize just how much I really care
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