Monday, April 16, 2012


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the fake,the true
the old,the new
the things ones will do
to either hurt or love you
hopefully its for the 2nd one
and after your 1st true love..
your never get a second one..

Loves the only thing that matters
Without it our hearts are fragile,weakened & easily shattered
Talking from experience...theres nothing worse or nothing better
The aloof feelings from being apart,to tears of joy from being together
A little love goes a long way..
Even when you have good intentions...we may sometimes go along the wrong way
Whose right or wrong?...Whose really able to say
We gain so much with each passing day
Just waiting for the moment when we know everything will finally be ok
The stars look down at us...and we look up to the stars
Time helps us forget..but we can never forget the scars
A blessing..or maybe a curse
Forgetting..or Remembering..which is really worse
What is time...What is space
May the happiest moments of your life...never be erased
We're not here for too take care of everyone you meet
You never know something as little as a smile can help raise someone from defeat

Dreams sometimes come true...
Are you part of the many...or part of the few
Do all the things you wish to do
I don't like what they say..
That's only because its not true
They say your not good enough the way your are
.....If only they knew...
A little bit a day..
Are you taking away from the world..or are you giving away
I'm hungry for what they throw away
It's this thing called love..or how do you say
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