Sunday, March 25, 2012


Realized it takes alot more to give...than it does to take
Been giving all my I'm just wondering will I ever get paid long does it take?
Separated whats real from whats fake
giving my love in hope the other person will change...will never again make that mistake
I missed writing to sorry I've been away
Just that I moved from Texas to Arkansas..and I'm just trying to find my way
So much emotions I've tried putting away
Anyways...hows your life been...I hope you've been ok
Because without you...what's the point of me even writing
We all have those demons that we are constantly fighting
Never let them win...your more than beautiful on the outside
and your like an angel within
All the names & faces I wont ever forget
All the hard times throughout life that makes us stronger that we should never regret
The well being for others is something we should always protect
Always love yourself first...your the most important piece to the puzzle..all the needs for yourself
you should never neglect
Keep moving just takes that first step
Erase the bad...only the good memories should be kept

Praying for the best.but in my mind I always picture the worse
Let you dreams be your doctor...and ambition be your nurse
Get far, far, away
Do at least one thing that makes you happy...every single day
Nothing more...Nothing Less
Looking for the this is a game of chess
You were always so special..more special than the rest..
Hate to choose favorites...but your probably the best

So beautiful & smart 
you will make someone happy one day
We all have our time for will & has to come some day
Always so much on my mind...why do you think I write so much
It's not about looks or swag...more importantly about trust
Take your time with need to rush
Set your you know when enough is enough
Been through enough already..hope your happy days are near
Only have one be careful who and how much you decide to share
Will always be there in spirit...and the sound of my words are always here...
I wish you the best for whoever it is you decide to take next
These words in this poem are my goodbye's what else did you expect...

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