Monday, February 27, 2012

One In A Million

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Did I Let you go...or were you meant to leave
Happiness could be so simple...we just make it hard to achieve
Like a kid growing up finding out Santa isn't real...
now I just dont know what to believe or how to feel
or who to trust
I guess waiting for love takes too long
so everyone just settles for lust
The things we do,the things we say
makes people label us,and treat us a certain way
But I'll never forget the day,I met this angel...
But now shes all I can do pray

Tomorrow will be the same thing,you'll wake up and do the same thing
You know brush your teeth,do your hair,get dressed.then head out
But don't walk around like one of these clones,you were made to stand out
Be you,be whatever you think is weird
Always push yourself & when you feel like giving up,
just do it in memory for that one person who actually cared
Alive or not,here or gone...
we all had that one person who never steered us wrong
Could be a family member,a friend or even a pet
What I want you to do today is...
at some point close your eyes in remembrance that you've met
Take a trip down memory lane,revisit some of the memories you kept
It's better to have loved & lost...than to not loved at all..
is something we all need to learn how to accept

Sometimes I feel like...I don't know
Like I'm here for something else...I just need the signs to show
Wish I could help people,somehow make their lives better
Like she did for I can't ever forget her...
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