Friday, February 17, 2012


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The closer I want us to be,
the more I fade away
And because of that same reason,
now every time we talk...we have less & less to say
Rewinding to the good memories so much,
that I never give the future a chance to play
Thinking life was so full of colors,
when all of a sudden everything turned grey
nothings black & white
don't ever ask if I'm alright
your looking toward today
while I'm just looking toward the night
how much pain can one heart take?
why,only after you people realize your great?

I don't even know what to think
I don't even know what to write
Felt happiness so close to me
I promise she was in sight
Now I don't feel her anymore
where did she go?
Guess she got tired of holding on
so she finally let go
Seems like love& pain is the only things I know
But still somehow,only a smile I seem to show
Only the ones who read what I write ever have a chance to knowing the real me
Because all the destruction & damage left inside is something you cant ever see

The fear of maybe never finding the one
the fear of being in front of someone who said they loved me
but somehow I'm looking down the barrel of a gun
The fear of never getting a chance to say those two words
But the biggest fear of all is the day my cry for help
gets heard but simply gets ignored
since I don't know what I might do
just know I always loved you...
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