Monday, February 6, 2012

Shatterd Dreams...

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a girl with some shattered dreams...
it seems she wasn't as happy as she made it seem
she loved these people who could never love her back
so everything she gave she just wishes she could take it all back
her biggest regret,and her only neglect
was not loving her self first,instead of the people she met
so at night...she just wept & wept
but this was something only she knew
a secret she always kept

the moon & the sun were the only two things she ever trusted
since she could always count on them to be there
life wasn't feeling like life,true love was the only thing she lusted
she didn't believe there would be someone who truly cares
one day she decided enough was enough
was tired of dreaming of a world that was soft,but in reality was rough
so she packed her stuff & left
wanted to be anywhere but there,no longer had the fear of death

before she could make it down the street...
she heard a cry for help...from someone who sounded weak
dropped her stuff...and immediately she ran
all she see's is blood & a couple people jump in a unmarked van
she drops to her knees..and starts to cry
then looks up to the sky...
and screams...'Why God....Why!'
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to be continued...The Story of Yuna

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