Monday, February 20, 2012

Pieces To The Puzzle

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I keep my eyes closed
because I use my heart to see
since I know that it's pure
and my mind is nothing like it use to be
brainwashed by everything we see
they keep us locked up on this idea that we can really be free
always holding onto the key
the opposite of two
is a lonely me & a lonely you
sometimes the things you don't want to listen to
are the things you need to hear
sometimes the people who are always gone
are the the people you want near
most of the time when we listen to our heart's
we get ripped apart
but to have a happy ending...sometimes you need a broken start
give up on giving up
let go of letting go
open your eyes so life can show
that you dont know everything you think you know
words can heal or words can hurt...
just trying to put all the pieces to the puzzle trying to make things work

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