Thursday, February 9, 2012

Disturbed Nightmares

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[A contiution of 'Shatterd Dreams..]
"Why God!Why" was the last thing she remembered hearing
now she wakes up still in her bed,with the moon barely glaring
was it a dream?was it a nightmare?did something really happen?
dripping from cold sweats,she reaches over & grabs a napkin
wipes away all the moisture,wishes she could go back & see who was hurt,
but she couldn't go back to sleep even if she forced herself
tries her best to look ahead to the future...but all she can see is her disturbed past
she heard 'all good things come to a end' how long do bad things last
saw her life flash before her,with her last glance
one more shot to make things right...this may be her last chance

her heartbeat beats slower & slower
the others act like they care...but no one really knows her
Yuna's reasons of stuck in the meanings of tomorrow
She gulps down a drink with some all remains is a full cup of sorrow

vision getting faded,thoughts of will she ever make it
chance is like would be nice if you just take it
you think you know,but you have no idea
how it is to live in a house of shattered dreams...and disturbed nightmares
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a good girl stuck in a bad place
time may heal,but it sure as hell cant erase....
story of be contiuned

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