Monday, November 22, 2010


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No matter how much has changed,you still gotta pay the price for what you’ve done
if your living your life like a party,just remember after the fun is over,trying to un-do all your mistakes just cannot be done,
everything the same but it feels different,I try to add up the sum to see the difference,
the ups and the downs,the left and the rights,
you can look around until the end of the tunnel,but you should look inside you for the real light,
the say read between the lines,but what if lines are the only thing you see,
reach for the stars and be the best you can be,
we do all these thing...but the question still remains..
will we ever be free??

free from the pain,free from the hate,
free from the takers, free from the fakes,
free from the lies,and free from the cries,
freedom of fearing what happens to our love ones
after they die
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