Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sing For The Moment

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So we all singing,just singing a different tune
and we all look up at night but do we all see the same moon/
How do you know and how can you tell/
Have you ever been at the top off the world,have you ever seen a cell/
cuz we living in a selfish place,and the only thing we give back is waste
but one mans trash is another man pleasure
so that's means one persons pain equals to another women's pleasure
Accounted for way to little,no need to measure
You know what they say about birds that flock together share the same feather
 I would want my daughter to be placed up and fly up high so I guess I should name her Heather
so we'll make it whatever what kind of weather
the only things that matter is that we complete our dreams together

So we sing for the moment because the moments are never promised
and promised always get broken so thats the only true promise
but I solemnly  swear over whoever's grave
S.O.S im sinking just waiting to be saved
But I  got your back sink or swim
and you will never know will always know him
So pop a pill to get rid of the pain
and then pop another one to get rid of the pill's pain
what they give us is suppose to help us right
check the news for the last time you saw some one overdose on water right
so what they give us is bad,no matter how you take it
win or lose...they just don't want us to make it

Just one more verse..then maybe I can go to sleep
Turn my cell phone on and listen to Lupe's version of 'go to sleep'
its a cold cold cold war out here try not to make a peep
did i say 'war' i meant 'world' but its all the same since all we do is compete to defeat
to clear out till their is no one left
I'm I the crazy one for keep trying to be right when all everyone else is doing is pointing left
but I'll keep going...going till I'm out of breath
The beat just stop..not my heart..the song...guess it's time we should hit refresh
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