Monday, November 22, 2010

Never Forget You

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things happen for a reason...and thats all we will ever know
a picture says a thousand how much does it show?
you can’t put a value you on all things... can you?
and if you wont admit your can I ever find you?
just some questions I would like the answer too
close your eyes and ask them too
you have the power,your the one in charge
no matter who tries to be negative in your life,just be positive & remember your the one in charge
maybe not at large,but trust me you can make a difference
 even if its a little good,you still made a difference
and even if you fail,you still tried so what the difference
you do your best,and the best will come
I promise to stay with you,no matter how far you run
even if you feel beaten,just know your never done
bad times cant last forever cuz neither can the sun
unlike mine,i promise to always be there for him if I have a son
so believe me when i say your’ll be ok
better than ok,you’ll be fine
make the good times move forward and the bad times rewind
I see breaking hearts intentionally as a crime
and if so... how many of you are willing to do the time?
cuz a broken heart is something they can never fix
and when i say speaking about our so called scientists
cuz if they really wanted to help the world HIV,cancer and all forms of disease would already be fixed,
but let me not get in that,let me focus on you
remember your beautiful smile and all the little fun things you use to do
never fully knowing how misplaced I would feel if I ever lose you
moments of the past came here to find you
not to relieve them just to remind you......
picture source
'And I will be strong.
Even if all goes wrong."

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