Wednesday, November 24, 2010

In The Morning....

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So we wake up in the morning..
wondering if Gods he yawning?
devil saying taking over people minds is getting too getting boring
kinda like could lose your whole life while you snoring
so we wake up in the morning..
the phones ringing ain't anybody gonna answer it,
it seems this whole system got this mindset of  'Money Over People' thing mastered quick,
but is that their something more?
you cant trust someone with a clean ass ceiling if they got a bloody floor,
but like Kanye said..."No one man should have all that power"
but they do....soon we wont even have any more seconds within an hour,
because its work,work,work, and if you don't you will be replaced
dont these people have any type of consciousness,don't they see the tears running down your face,
but its like their hearts don't work,work,work anymore...I guess their feelings traded spots with nothing have been replaced
Can it all please stop,I don't wanna look,can someone please past the mace
I thought we were on the road to heaven...its seems everybody's running in a different race,
Equality....whats that mean??the equal truth is we would always be judged on our race
and if thats the makes sense because when you go against the people at the'll never win a case
thats the current state of crime we in...
never knew something so beautiful..could turn so grim
and when you drowning in your own you suppose to swim
its the shadow of the day...the moments before you fall asleep..remember tomorrows a new day....
so hello morning and goodbye night
everything's suppose to happen for a reason....right?.....right?
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