Sunday, November 28, 2010


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One of everybody's favorite song,so I had to write to it,
We all get that one chance to make it in life,some of us just didn't pay close enough attention & blew it,
But it don't matter,Money ain't a thing,
But with out the money,how you suppose to buy the love of your life her dream ring?
So we all wanna be successful...that shit aint nothing new
Try to work your way to the top,and these assholes will try and step and walk all over you,
So we got to keep our dreams close  and our visions closer,
forget enemies and friends...they wont be their when it's over
Maybe some will,it's weird how some friends can lose thought,but your enemies never lose sight of you,
So I look at my lil brother Jordan,and I don't know what to think,
Is this the world I want him to grow up in,because We're all meant to fly but it seems all we ever do is sink,
Sink......all the way to the bottom,never really reaching the top,
But I guess we gotta slowly find our way through it like we trying to find the sweet spot,
The G-spot of life,once you find it keep it there,
Hold on to your wishes,and don't give in into the fear
We suppose to be playing on the same team...the team of heaven
I thought we suppose to be brethren
But you keep your head up,yeah you keep it up high
And the only thing you gotta worry about is not looking down when you fly
Cuz when you finally make it,no one can take it from you
then everybody is gonna come around and try and take shit from you
But you got a heart.,mind., and spirt'
what i'm saying is your the just need to go out there and be it!
So it's 8:40 am and I'm trying to find my words,
wish other people would sit back and analyze their verbs,
Acting out,Or acting in...Either way all the acting crap ain't fitting in
just a word of thought from the soundsofmywords
we all have a choice...lie in the dirt...or fly with the birds...
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