Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Two By Nathan Thomas

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They sat on a hill,watching the stars as they stream across the sky.She looked at him,shy but curious she asked in a soft voice,"What's Next?"
 He looked at her and smiled,he stared into her eyes which looked like the calm sea and said to her in a confident voice,"Everything..."She smiled and gave him a hug

On a building near to the beach,they sat on a beach chair gazing at the sunset."I dreamt about us...we were in he exact location and...and you  said something..."the boy said happily
A tear fell down her cheek and she finished his sentence smiling & crying
"you are the air in my lungs,you are the nerves in my brain,the blood in my heart,the taker of my pain..."
She wouldn't stop crying,he held her up and carried her to the beach in which the sunset gleamed on them.
They Kissed....
and the he said,"If I cant hear your heartbeat........then your too far away."
they hugged as soon as the sun set,and it started to rain

Their love together is the key to the heavens with happiness & no pain..their tears made it rain
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