Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Live In The Sky

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For some reason it feels like the good die young but the bad people last forever,
most people will never forget 9/11 or things like 'Katrina',
but what about the beautiful days when the sun shines bright,
you should take a walk in the park with a loved one,hold their hands fly a kite,
leave your car keys on table give your car a break
why not take a day off from work sit back and watch the sunset by the lake
I mean.....'whats it gonna take
sometimes you gotta relax and savior the good times
pretend the clouds are a clue and try and read the signs
and they say....and they say...
to don't worry everything will be ok
no matter how many days go by
us clouds are here to stay
we have been here for a while
but whose counting
you can move any problem out your life,evil isn't a mountain
share a smile,give a hug,thats the secret to the youth fountain
you will be forever young at heart if you stay true
and just like those live in the sky...see the color sky blue
So one day we will all live in the sky...
so don't worry their is no need to say goodbye...;)

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