Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Laser

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Your beautiful no matter who you are
many of us hear that but don't believe it,
because only you define beauty
so you have the power to give & speak it,

Be A Better Person Today
Instead Of Waiting For Tomorrow,
Their are no excuse what happened yesterday
So think positive and block out all grief and sorrow

Why is love and respect so easy to give
but so hard to be received,
You give it all you got,
and in the end all you feel is empty & deceived,

So you sit back and asks whats wrong with me
what did i do wrong???
then you turn on the radio
and start to come alive again & live the words to your favorite song

Because everyone is human
and we all have bled inside,
maybe felt like a alien,
but still showed a smile on the outside,

You may never learn a persons
truth, thoughts, dreams and visions,
unless you be a friend first,
and actually sit down have empathy and take the time to listen,

But the world still spins
like its unaffected by all,
But one day it has to stop,
and when it does whose the one person's name you will call??

but the real question is.....
would they call you back??

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