Sunday, March 27, 2011

Don't Know What I'm Looking For

I keep looking,but don't know what im looking for,

they say everydoor closed,is another opportunity to open a different & better door,
looking at your pictures,still thinking if your for sure,
no matter what,your still something I cant seem but help to adore,
Im afraid of heights,so I keep my feet planted on the floor,
but I get this feeling im meant to one day.....
one day.....I will get the chance to soar,
maybe get the chance to really see if the sky is really the limit,
and when you recall the people that mean the most to you,I hope that I'm still in it,
or never left forgotten,
Love is like a fruit,when its young its beautiful but after a while it gets old and eventually turns rotten,
doesn't mean we still cant cherish it,I'll take these secrets to the grave....make sure they bury it,
but me,I'll rather be cremated,release my soul in the air so I can have the feeling that I made it,
willing to give nothing less than great,
whats better to do...follow your mind or your heart is something of great debate,
but for those who can never really relate,
I just say it takes times..since sometimes faith can sometimes arrive a little bit late,
happiness cant be rushed,even though our clocks can be adjust,
answering a question is easy..but finding the meaning behind the question is a must,
the currency to your word is equal to your equal exchange of your trust,
and if your ever trying to devalue love...all you have to do is fall in lust,
shiny or old,dusty or new,
I hear a lot of things,but can never decipher whats true,
sad too see people bleed red,just because they decide not to wear blue,
I guess had to release some thoughts out...this poem was long over due.
Staring at my heart,still don't know ....if I'll ever see you,

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