Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fighters Part Two

We all are striving for something,so what are we striving for?
Is it Love?Is It Peace?Is it the truth since maybe those things are worth fighting for,
Or maybe it's something unique and special,maybe it's something more,
Maybe we should all take a step back & think before we act so we know our next move is what we want for sure,

Since things you say and do cant be erased,
And you don't need any sound or voice to see the hurt written all over someone's face,
Thinking if we all thought the same way,would this world still be the same way?
My old best friend once told me he didn't believe in God and wasn't scared if he went away,
Wishing I could of saved you,I still look back and think about what could of been the correct things to say....

A lot of change,A lot of indifference,
Would you still try and save the world even if they tell you your actions wont make a difference?
A lot of good,A lot of bad,
a lot of happy dying down with all the sad,
A lot of time has past,so how do we make these moments last without trying to relive them in our past,

Are you striving for something?If so,what are your striving for?
They are only two main options 'Love' & 'Hate"....and right now 'Hate' is winning the war,
The battle for something to change,the struggle for help & hope to be not out of our range,
So what you see here.....we are the fighters,we stand for something,
We go through life day & day trying to erase all the hate and promote the loving,
And we have nothing to lose since the world started with....and will end with nothing,

So hopefully you get my words,may you get my lines,
since it seems like every second more & more people seem to be against us,when really our only enemy is time,
the clock inside my mind,reads its time for this poem to be done,
what I present to you is Fighters part I hope you didn't forget about fighter part one...

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