Saturday, March 12, 2011


Feeling a way I've never felt before,
like Im drowning in the waves but somehow still breathing normally while standing on the ocean floor,
A step to where you cant see,
A person you desire but don't want to be,
A ledge you want to jump off but its too high,
A star you want to catch so its too bad we cant fly,
Nothing is never enough,thinking of quitting means you already half-way gave up,
so how we suppose to survive when things get so tough,
Earthquakes & Tsunami's destroying Japan while I thought we had life rough,
Would love to send out prayers & donate but like I said that feeling creeps up that nothing I ever do is never enough,
People always say the end of the world is near,but still don't try improve their behaviors so its like they don't really care,
And they say live your life to the fullest,cant live your life in fear,
But the more I learn about what really goes around this world,I see its not fair,
Famous people get nominated for Movie, Album & Record of the year,out of all that fame & fortune how much are they willing to share,

Lost in a maze of difficult choices and hard decisions,
they keep us in the dark & might light jokes about our incapability to create this perfect place we want try to in-vison,
what hasn't been done yet....seems to be the hardest things to do,
the words that haven't been said yet.....seem to be the closet things to being true,
since true feelings and thoughts are almost never said,
that is why it is always important that the tiny small print is always read,
hope they bury me in my hometown,and they print all these words I have written so my voice is never dead...the words 'You Will Shine'...I hope,will be the last words you have read

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