Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Heard Em Say

We all have our life goals,....but everything gets confusing since everyday we find something different that this life holds,
and I just try to stay on track and follow the light glowing from the light poles,
so I'm never in the dark & I believe we we're meant to fly so try to keep light souls,
Stress gets heavy and adds problems on our brain,and we still have to worry about a next suicide bomber boarding on a plane,
A day us never dull,A day is never plain,
we are always trying to keep up with technology and maintain whatever it is our peers seem to attain,
But its all the's nothing new
I can honestly say that over half the things I used to believe in as a kid,turned out not to be true
They always say if the shoes fits then wear it,so Im going to need more than one shoe,
Because I don't know what exactly yet...but I was put here with a lot of positive things to do,
Helping my friends on a daily basis,would hate to see anything but smiling faces,
But remember life is a trip,so tie you laces,But really though home is where the heart is,so I guess my heart belongs to many places,
Guess the key to life is spreading joy around,so this summer I plan a trip to Boston,Jamaica, and back to H-Town,

Here's a little note.....Here's something I wrote down:
People die every second,People die everyday,
and we have all the time in the world and still haven't figured out the correct things to say,
So lets search for a better tomorrow,why cant they just put their guns and weapons away,
Since making a decision if someone should live or die isn't our game to play,
And when you think you've ran out of choice,just think the other way,
We are Lasers,not losers,and we are here to stay

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