Friday, March 11, 2011

Over & Over Again...

The moon is bright,the wind is calm,
as I reminisce of the lovely nights we would lay together holding palm to palm,
Nothing ever came close to you.....and nothing ever will,
Something so special about us.....people almost cant believe it was real,
And when you lose something you love,thats when it hurts you the most,
It's something you cant really see but you feel its there,so I guess love is similar to a ghost,
Some people believe it exists...while some people don't,
Guess it makes sense why others are willing to face their fear's,while others just wont,

A tear from you was so hard to see,
but it was always better to let them go,& just let them be free
so why is it so hard to keep love?and why do the stars sit at a hiatus so far far above
thinking if the problem is distance & time,or the lack thereof
many things happen for a reason,even though the reason is sometimes unknown
Just a normal girl to everybody else,but to me an angel is shown
Your pretty smile replays over & over again,as I remember how we use to plan our life as we became grown,

 Thinking about her,thinking all the time
she was something special,that I was trying to keep & find
lost her temporally,but will she be gone forever
sometimes I wonder if I can ever forget you...
the answer most likely is never..

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