Monday, March 28, 2011

Illusions of Grandeur

Stuck in my rear view,stuck in my past,
I want to be first but my faith reads that I will be last,
what does it really be great?
my time is ticking.....seems Im a little too late
so I step on the brake,watch the glass break,
look behind me to see if Jordan is safe,
but he's ok,so nothing else matters,
I just want to be real...don't have to be a rapper,
so I speak what I know,and I speak whats true,
send your thoughts to me & I will forward my love to you,
what else is there to do,life is so short,
give the baby a chance,no plan to abort,
we all get a job to try and make things work,
but nothing still works to erase this hurt,
could be destined from birth,or something else,
the lights comes from within you,just look at your self
take things one step at a time,Everything will eventually work out....Everything will be fine

Her soul is crying,Her heart is dying,
but she never gives up,she just keeps on trying,
hopefully someone will rescue her,he just need the perfect timing,
he looks at his watch in shock,I say don't worry your watch is lying,
so he makes a run for it,in a desperate attempt to try and save her,
tries his best to remind her of all the great memories and love he gave her,
but the pain is too strong so she lets go,and no longer wants to holds on,
so he runs into the way,with his arms wide open,
she's falling...she's fallen fast,catch her!catch her!thats what everybody is hoping,
take life one step at a time,she falls in his arms.....and everything is fine*

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