Sunday, March 20, 2011


a lot of things to say,
a lot of things to do,
but I wont say a word,
I will just write them all here for you,
what you see is what you get,
but thats not always true,
sometimes you get more or less that what you bargained for,
but that is nothing new,
what if I want something new,
I'm I just suppose to just sit here,
or get up to search & find,
The more I use the clock to read the time,
the more this depression hits me & everything gets repressed in my mind,

I wonder what line.....will be my last line,
& what day will be my last day,
my choice to continue on is a one I struggle to make everyday,
my hearts pulls me there,but my mind & motivation pulls me the opposite way,
Wish we were acting,and enough is enough,so our director says 'Cut' and thats the end of our play,
But I guess we have to pay,for ours or others mistakes,
And Life Doesn't Start To Feel Real....Until You Wish Some Things That Happened To You Were Fake,
SInce I know we have all been lied too,mislead or left broken,
but we all have a message,a reason,a gift locked up inside,
and sometimes that same exact pain helps us find the key to get it open,
when you find it...keep it,
never throw it away,
these are just some thoughts I had while listening to 'Fancy' instrumental
but whats most important is if you can try & make the best out of today..

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