Sunday, March 6, 2011

K-ind A-nd Y-oung

So they try and kick us while we're down....but you know what,
we will get up.....
we will get up and move further than we have ever gone
and nothing can hold us back.....nothing ever will
and I can promise you that
A matter of fact,I hope to see you soon
Because life is a empty space in my head but you make room
you make it exists,you make it feel real

So let them say what they want,they wont ever understand
but what we believe in our hearts...that is our master plan
every bit of pain,and every bit of trouble
we will times it by 2,and somehow turn our joy into double
things will work out,sorry to say I don't know when
but I'm always here if you ever need a friend

Never ever give up,just stay strong
you can handle anything that comes your way,just go along
things happen for a reason,even though none of it makes sense
I guess sometimes we just gotta play it cool,no point of getting upset and being tense
one way or another,our happy ending will come
and it wont even matter how?or where from?
just to be able to lay down in our bed's and know all the crap around us is done
will be the most amazing feeling ever,nothing can reach it,everything else will be out run

Some days start bad,while other just end that way
maybe its for someone else to come around and make you day
I know as long as you stay true to yourself,everything will be ok
Lets just say we were born kind and young...and thats more then they can ever say

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  1. I felt I had to reminisce and I remembered this poem. It has helped make my day today. :)