Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Generation

Everybody looking at us to make a change,it's our generation that they made deranged,first we got 9/11 then we headed up to war,now we got a black president,it seems like all the impossible is no more,
so even if they sink our ships,we will still swim up to shore,just to prove it to them,that we can have the power within,something they never seen before
The earth evolving and the people are too
we used to only have to teach our kids simple match equations like whats 2+2=?
no we gotta focus more on teaching them to know how to depict from whats false from what true

Systems so corrupt ,it's how to set your goals for life
should we give all to the people who are less fortunate,or just set out to find the perfect wife
Either way we all cant win,because somebody has to lose
I'm just happy that I am not the one who has to choose
Picking out who lives and who dies
who flies and who fries
who gets to continue say Hello's & who wont get to say their finally goodbye
so try to be honest with your self,even if you've been surrounded and brainwashed with lies
God,have you been sleeping on us....?
I think it's time to open up your eyes
Because I cant stand to see another day with her heart full of pain & watch her tear's arise....
and fall
I want to figure it all out,but I guess thats not my call
sitting here pondering what should I do with my life,just trying to stall
Cuz when your start with nothing....your not worried to lose it all
When you find that one special person who makes you feel like a giant,all those silly worries you have seem so small
It seems like some of us always show up with the same dumb expression on our face,like some kinda of doll
Believe in whatever religion you want...but everywhere,everyone,somewhere has their own unique Jesus.....and their set of Paul's

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