Friday, December 3, 2010


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Thinking of joining the air force just for a chance to escape it all,everybody is so delightful when things are going their way..but what happens when things begin to fall?So I ask of anyone...anybody at all...could you save me from my own self-destruction or would it be a beautiful to watch me float around like a leaf changes colors in the fall..So big or small..anything would still think its to early to apologize,your wrong.but thinking about it is always the first step..and the way you treat love is sorta like a kick it around and call it back when you need it..but guess what,these type of love-inflicted wounds cant be treated...erased or deleted...just forever there,so clear,full of fear,emotions are on ice,and thoughts mentally stripped so far away...or was I near...and when your underneath so much..the only things you desperately need is it before its to late...I'm not god and I'm not in heaven but I will shut the gates..the gates,the stairways and throw away the key...was it you that showed it,or was the picture  always secretly showing that you weren't meant for me..but I laugh,then I cry,then I laugh again...thought I loved writing poems,but I guess telling stories should be my new friend
...or my one and only...but scratch that...their's never 'one' their is just 'only' I'm so into this.when I start I cant stop,call Lil Wayne & Eminem because we got 'the world' all we need to do is 'drop' 'drop the world' and let's see what think your 'fly' I spun a web and now your I apologize...this is what happens
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