Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Falls Down

I try to think about everything in different ways
because not every color of life is perfect,sometimes its just pictured in different shades
but color shouldn't matter since we make up a beautiful significant difference
and when we all are erased off this world,what we did or what we done isn't gonna have any significance 
so do all you can and be true to the others
because during these quiet, freezing& gloomy nights we got people sleeping outside with a proper cover
But don't cover your eyes and walk away from the truth
a lot of us have the tendency to turn our backs on people who need help which is acting so uncouth

Most likely we are all headed towards the same place
some say we only have two options 'Heaven' or 'Hell"
but figuring out where your gonna land is a cat & mouse game and we're just stuck in the middle,so I hope we don't get labeled as a lost but not found in any case
it seems I've been lost for about a minute now
it's a dog eat dog world & some of us turn up as puppy chow
You can never see the real tears of a clown
& I'm scared to be at the top
because sooner or later....
It All Falls Down

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