Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Juice Flow/Let Bygones Be Bygones

What you see is what you get,so I hope you see something
I got a heart full of passion & love and if you don't have that,you might as well have nothing
nothing less than great,but everything to a few
I just try to send my truest words sincerely from me to you
And my heart is bleeding out but I guess thats from the love
No point of trying to hide who you are or what you do since 'He' can see everything from above
I used 'He' for a reason for whoever he is
Why they call it a pregnancy test when it seems more like a quiz?
Either she's pregnant or she's not,how hard can it get?
Use every rock they throw act you as a stepping stone so tell those haters,they can just step

I think about it real slow
Got a fast heartbeat and my ability to think out the box just seems to grow
Would shout out some names,but I think my real friends know
That only brings hate & it's hard to stay hot when outside is below zero
I will bring the talent & you just attend the show
Putting these words together is simple,similar to show & tell
I'll show you how to fly to Heaven,while you can tell me how it is in Hell

And that shot goes out to those who are treating the good ones wrong
Just never forget the words I just told you,like your singing your favorite song
The new year is almost here so you can try change for better,or just keep thinking your strong
Try And Let Bygones Be Bygones because before you know it,it's to late... they could be gone...

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