Monday, December 6, 2010

The Coolest

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Destruction all around me,that's all I ever see,and A civil war I can never win because my soul's the enemy,
to live another day,is to fight another,wanna die a peaceful death,don't wanna suffer,
but I need so protection like a kid with his blanket hiding under his cover,I never liked to read but know its still smart to never judge a man's history from his cover, first appearances always lie and people always dress up,practice their winning lines at home and get their lies in order so they don't mess up,so if this was a contest,you would probably win,I just wanna love,but you just wanna sin....and sin some more,I try to open up the gift to life just to see what it has in store,but everything is too high priced,I cant afford to even eat,they start to act like they lost diamonds in a rice,because everybody is so greedy,i don't have a clue,and I'm sick of this shit guess I caught the world flu,but put it back down then pick it back up,Riding life with no handle bars,I guess I should helmet up,so I'm starting to lose it,please bring me back home,this ain't no E.T,but we riding all the way home.....

So verse two,need a new me and I need a new you,how so much better of I would be if everything I knew was true,but its not and I can accept it,just call it Visa MasterCard cuz that shits always accepted,but we're expected to do this and do that,wtf they want us to do next pull some damn bunnies out our hats?50 once said "death gotta be easy cuz life is hard,it will leave you physically,mental and emotionally scarred"So I got the bruises cant you tell?The arena down that path may of been sold out,but I'm one who will never sell,so give back and you should receive,everybody goes for what they want...instead of what they need...but the earth is dying,look at it's plead,they rape out all the worlds natural resources that it can no longer bleed,but greed is colorblind so they couldn't even see the blood,I guess they get blind-sighted by the money while their in there million dollar mansion when people are dying every second like they joined some suicide club....

Verse 3 now,I'll make it  a little more safe,cuz we're almost home now just one more base,so one more chance for me to tell,is that victory in the air,or is that defeat we smell?either or,win or lose,red pill or blue pill...theirs no going back which ever color you choose,so if the past is forgotten then history may repeat itself,so that means we remember all the pain we endure and constantly remind ourselves,don't make sense,somebody let me know,I think my soul just leaked out too much on this poem...i think its time to go.
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