Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dream for cheap

To start over means we will have to try and forget

and to go down that road alone is something you might regret

so search for  a friend you can bring to the end

we seem to only receive the messages,never allowed to press send

it's a dead zone out here,no reachable signal 

being jammed packed together like some kind of Pringle's

but those are just chips,so how could I associate them with life

love is suppose to bring happiness,but is a double edged sword which can cause strife

It's hard to tell to those who don't want to hear

and it's even harder to listen to courage if all you fear is fear

this is not the end,no.that is not even near

funny how the only thing keeping us alive is this thin gas we call air

I just would like to say one more thing before I go to sleep

the price of living may be expensive...but at least we can dream for cheap

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