Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I Want Is You..

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So it hasn't been an hour since you left and I already miss you,wish we could continue, never wanted to stop kissing you,but our time is up and your plane has lifted,our time is a present and your presence was the most amazing thing,cant be wrapped...just gifted.
Was lost in the bumps and sorrow's of the world,but your smile had me lifted...but we're miles what must I/we do,no matter how right we think we got these answers to life right,the questions are always changing so nothing stays true,would break my self to get pieced back together with you,but we cant be broken so our love might as be known as frozen glue,cuz we're stuck together in this cold cold world,being tossed back and fourth ,up and down,twisted and twirled,
But whatever you just always hold on like I got you on the telephone line,but every call eventually comes to end and when that happens I just want you to be mine,seems like finding a 'true love' is like committing a 'innocent crime',its nearly impossible to be done unless you can control the hands of time,but times keep progressing and I just wanna rewind,love all the moments when you say'Pass me the lemon' when its really a lime,love must be similar to bowling cuz your lover is the bowler while your feelings are the pins and their are in line,which means loves knocks you down but you just gotta get back up,and I wish our love could grown old and true similar to those characters in the Disney-Pixar movie 'UP'
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