Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Light Up

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You should take a step back and try to look forward to the things you cant see.
We all seem to pay the price for living,but death's seems to be the only thing that can set us truly free
but even that comes with a fee,leaving your loved ones alone without protection could turn out to be your worse enemy
so who should you protect,yourself,me or them
you try to make light of the situation but then the darkness becomes your friend
you start to generate these elaborate thoughts but just when you start to write them down,here comes the end,so what's happen's then? when you try to write a "I'm sorry text' but can find the time to press send,because all of a sudden
you see an attractive person walking down the street and you start thinking that person maybe a 10
but looks would fade eventually after time and heart will always stay
people forget you when you die,no matter what they say
but its not always that way...or is it
why doesn't happiness ever get to stay....why does it only seem to visit~

So I take a hit,I take it to the heart,and it's making me wonder if I playing the game of life smart,
and if I'm even if im acting in the right movie or did God just forget my part,
but if two wrongs don't make a right,then how can some people have un protected sex then get the 'Morning After Pill' then feel relieved like they did right....but where is the light?it must be dark because everybody is acting like they are blind to the fact...but no good deeds go un-punished so don't try to pretend you don't know how to act...

So the lights is on and I can finally see,it seems the past was keeping us locked in,the future is key,
so please don't forget and always try to remember
Christmas is almost here since were in the beginning of December,
cherish everybody you love,because believe it or not,you got a team playing for you...and at could lose your most valued member
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