Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Flow(Scrooge)

So their is no Christmas feeling this year,
it seems like just another day,whats with all the fuss...i don't even care
And I know im not the only one since I see a lot of Facebook status's saying the same thing
What?we all suppose to act like we like each other for one day,look at all the fake-ness this day can bring
But I will just look at all the Christmas tree's and lights
knowing that this whole holiday was made up,whats the need for a Calendar anyway if times of day's is never right
Im gonna just sit back and let everyone enjoy they day
Probably call a few people up and send some Merry X-mas text away
But Im way passed it now,You can call me the Scrooge 
Because it feels like I've lost everything,I'm cold-hearted now I ain't got nothing I can lose
I feel like its only for the kids,so thats why we should do it for
 And I'm freezing away kinda like I got a icebox in my core
 I still want all the planes to fly & land and all the people in my life to soar
If I ever lose someone who I was close too,to let them know that their real-ness is what I adore
So i don't need no gift wrapping or some present's form the store
Just cherish me like Im gone forever....and im R.I.P so what would you do before?

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