Thursday, December 30, 2010

SIck of the Feeling

Sick of the feeling
of hearing words with lost meaning
Tired of waking up in the same exact place
With the mindset of I'm just temporally occupying someones else's space
Continue to try and make things seem like they make sense
But they don't, that was just another wasted moment spent
Trying to piece together the pieces of whats in missing life
It's not all fun and games when you start to see your reflection off a bloody knife
Never falling for what they want us to believe
The sky may be the limit and we are only what we achieve
But I can switch it around,I'm happy now
Married to life for a while but cheat on it with death so who broke the vow
Always trying to make others around me feel their best
Too bad they never know the amount of energy that takes...and all the stress
Sometimes looking towards the future,but time controls us all
fighting away the past is a never ending brawl
I close my eyes....and look up to the ceiling
I'm still sick of this feeling

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