Wednesday, December 8, 2010


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So I know airplanes are meant to fly,but what about us humans?Were we all really meant to all die,and if that's the case,then why start to begin with,we all make choices its just something we gotta live with it,
So we got some bad and we got some good,some who seem to understand and some who like to be misunderstood,Some who would fight to save us all and some who will smile in our face and slowly help us fall,but God sometimes takes our only angels back up to heaven like he wants to gather them all up for roll call,But is that a wrong move or the correct thing to do,make sure you answer careful because the next one taking can be you,or at least someone close,then you start to seem a update on someone's Facebook post,did something just all this for real?This life is a fragile one,didn't any one read the seal?But I know how you feel,I lost someone too,never got a real chance to say goodbye,not a funeral alone can do....
So we have everyday we have,and we can Live it how we want too,but just make sure you give,or else you'll be looking back saying I wish I did,You'll never too old to look at a star and make a wish like you did as a kid....
Forgive me if I'm late,Forgive me if I forget,Sometimes the gate to your airplane may not be ready yet,Need a higher way to travel through life,Lets speed through it no solo ride on a jet pack,but we'll ride to get on our jet....
The time is of the essence but who was the first person to make the time set,and if that's the case,shouldn't we follow our own,heard something in the bible about'Let he  who is without sin cast the first stone' and I heard Bob Marley also had a unique quote of his own
"Who are you to judge the life I live?I know I am not perfect and I don't live to be,But,before you start pointing fingers,make sure your hands are clean"
And that's the scene we are on....we want to criticize the moon,the stars,the other planets and solar system's....when we cant even take care of the only planet we currently live on.
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