Saturday, December 4, 2010


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So here we go again....we're back and fourth fighting
I'm the one whose wrong even though I caught you skype'ing
but even through the thunderstorms,I can still see the lighting
so there must be a way out,i must not see it yet
and you could of been the best,you just don't want to be it yet
and I'm always full of love & passion,you just always full of difficult problems & regret
bouncing back & fourth like a game of tennis,but this is game,set....
match,thought we were...but everything in life comes with a catch,
but you didn't care,you just let us fall right past the cracks,
so that why I'm here with this lighter & match,
but I don't smoke but somehow I'm on my tenth pack,
but enough's enough,and what's through is through,
if the shoes fits wear it & what they say is true,
do what you want other's to do back to you,
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