Thursday, December 23, 2010

Moment For Life

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I just need a second to think,
since this lifestyle moves so fast,everything you ever worked hard for can vanish in a blink
but we're on the brink,
of something new,something true
So don't look me in the eyes,since their wont be anything I can show you
My vision's in my mind & heart,don't act like you never knew
Hands together now,Hands in the air
Please don't have any doubt,so they can be no fear
So just prepare,
To do everything they never expected us to do
You can be the pretty little flower that never got any sunshine or water but still grew
But forget just having one moment for life....I think we're gonna need two

And if so,
Do you believe in yourself?
And those who think they done it alone better realize their must be a 'we' in order to have 'wealth'
And no mater how messed of your cards for life may be just play the hand your dealt
And everyone see's the problems but the blessing may come in stealth
so keep hope alive
and when they try and slow you down,just kick it to high gear and drive
Never had my dad around,just me,my mom and brothers trying to survive
Now everybody chunking 'deuces' telling each other bye
It's easy to leave and hard to try
To cut yourself a big piece of the pie
To release your anger instead of to cry
But its hard to come back once you have gone
life is no race,it's more a marathon
so in this moment for life............
I'm done.I pass the baton
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