Friday, December 31, 2010


So what really changes tomorrow?does anything?
People coming up with all these resolutions but can that really solve everything?
What if it's not up to us,then what are you gonna do?
Do you promise to tell me all the lies...even if they are all true?
Ever wonder whats below your feet?
A place with angels or demons?yeah,you gotta think deep
Would you promise to follow the rules of love?
Sometimes wonder if after we die,would we fly above?
Did all this start from some 'big bang theory' or was it really 'God'?
And how come whenever I try to ask a serious question,all you do is nod?
So I'm I thinking to myself?or I'm I speaking to you?
You did promise to tell me the truth before right?no matter how few?
Dream about being a superstar?Or someone with fame?
If you attainted all that power....would that really block out all the pain?
Ke$ha said we are who we are,but was she correct?
Since sometimes the person we really are,never gets shown any respect...
or do they?
A lot of us thinking tomorrow is a new year & it can be.....but most importantly....when is our new day?

1 comment:

  1. I also have a lot of questions.
    What are we doing here, on this earth?
    Why do we come to this earth, but not another planet?
    Who am I?
    If this world was only a fantasy, then what was real?