Friday, December 24, 2010

Nobody's Home

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You open the door...and what do you see inside
a house of broken feelings and no memories to hide
so you close it back since their is nothing left to see...
you thought you you were all alone,but how could that be
so  just let it all out,honestly
he wants to be like him...and she wants to be like she
but they are perfect,as least that's what it seems
we cant blame them for living out their dreams
it's never safe to judge what you do not know
we all put of this defensive wall & that's all we ever show
your body is telling you yes,but her voice is saying no'
now she is crying and you just grab your stuff and go
she didn't want you to leave but you didn't want to stay
even though you promised her that you would never leave her & everything would be ok
The Moon Always Sets,And The Sun Always Shines
We All Check Our Watch,But Never Know The Time
The Time When Everything's Over
When It's Too Late To Start Over
Life Gets More Difficult The More We Get Older
I Thought The World Was  Hurting Because of Global Warming
But Forget That....
My World's Only Getting Colder.
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