Thursday, December 9, 2010


So I'm trying to do this thing right,but I got this thing like,no matter what I do it wont be right,so what do I do,I just pretend I left,and trying to bring me back would be a incorrect step,like going two steps forward and one step back,Trying to be cool with people I don't like,but I guess I don't know how to act,and to react to that,you will be just the same,I ain't saying no names but I think you know _____ is the one to blame,always trying to cheat the game of life,what you got no shame,your only hurting your self like leaking your own sex tape to achieve some fame,don't need no green since I get high off the pain,and lets pretend this a drag race for the finish line,boy just stay in your lane,and they are just the pilot while we were the plane,they had to learn how to fly,but we already know how,why you think they made up cruise control on the plane,but I'm just saying....and I will say it again

You acting like you in this game to lose while our own option is to win,so you can talk all that noise but words are always forgotten, unless they are written down with a pen,so that's what I do,don't talk a lot to people anymore,and O God how I hate school,but that's a flood of information for your 2 foot pool,and don't get it mistaken now,just cuz it cold outside...still doesn't make you cool:)

So hopefully when Jordan is old enough he can follow me and write a verse,I just hope it doesn't get this smiling a lot thing I have,cuz it makes people believe your happy all the time when your not,so I guess I got that curse,but hold on,lets reverse,you start to drive,but your driving downhill,your not getting anywhere towards the top,your altitude is only getting worse,and most these guys out here we cant even relate too, like I'm buying things for my girl while they discussing the latest purse,and when I die....forget being in black....make sure I'm riding through in a all white hearse,and everyone at my funeral wearing white,......because all my people are stars ...while the rest of the world are colorless and can just blend in with the night
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